Bioland demo is live

The live demo of the Bioland tool is now available here. Please visit and take a look at its features:

  • Multilingual support - the platform has support for translating the website content into any language. Every items is translatable: content, menus, labels etc. This demonstrative website is featuring the six UN official languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.
  • Content types - The content is grouped in several content types: News, Events, Documents, Photo albums, Videos, Projects, Protected areas, Species, Organizations, People and Web links. 
  • Content management - The content is managed via WYSIWYG editor and supports basic content management such as text formatting, links, image upload, lists but also more advanced editing like text column management, breaking content in paragraphs.
  • Full text search - Documents such as PDF and Microsoft Word uploaded in the website are indexed and search within through the search page. Results can be filtered using facets
  • Mobile - the theme provided by the platform is mobile-friendly
  • Optimized for speed - Images shown in the website are optimized by the system by cropping and resizing automatically. Network transfer is minimized by different strategies such as: compressing or caching content.
  • API support - The content of the website can be exposed via API for different purposes to third parties. Several scenarios can be easily covered and depending on the case no software development might be even necessary.
  • Security and updates - The network at once is benefiting from security updates.
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