Block Structure

Placing blocks in regions

On the Bioland platform, content is structured in blocks, which are place in certain regions within the page. To change the general layout of blocks, navigate to Manage blocks under the Manage Bioland menu (only available for site managers). To change the order of the blocks, simply drag and drop the items on the block layout page and then save.

Additionally, new blocks can be added using the Place block button next to the desired region name and then selecting the new block. Blocks can be created from various pieces of existing content like menus, fields of existing content types (e.g. the image of documents).

Let's say we want to add a new menu in the right sidebar, but only for the home page. For this example we will be adding the existing main menu.

1.Click Place block on the Second sidebar region


2.Search the main menu and click place block


3.Click on pages tab and type **** in the text area. We do this to only show the block on the front page. Additionally, we will hide the title of the block


4.Click save block. The menu now shows up on the front page in the second sidebar region.


Custom blocks

Custom blocks are blocks that contain static pieces of information.

Let's say we want to add a brief description in the Ecosystems page.

1.Navigate to Manage blocks under the Manage Bioland menu

2.Click on the Custom block library tab and click Add custom block


3.Complete the fields with data and click save. The block is now created


4.Navigate to the ecosystems page. Click manage content in the bottom of the screen and search for the title of the block ('Ecosystems description' in this case) and click on the block that shows up as a result.


5.We want to display this block in the slideshow region of the page (on the top), with no title


6.The block is now added, click save


Content statistics block

To edit the content types that are available in the content statistics block, go to Content statistics block under the Manage Bioland menu. Items in the menu are ordered by the Weight field, items with lower weight being showed first.