Creating web forms

Web forms allow content administrators to create forms (e.g. surveys or contact forms) to be filled out by anonymous visitors. In the following tutorial we will be creating a simple feedback form.

1.Go to Manage Bioland >> Manage webforms and press Add webform
2.Give a title to your webform. We will be calling it "Feedback form"
3.Press the add element button.


4.We will be adding a Text field for the user's full name. Click add element. Add a title to the field and press save.


5.Next up, we will be adding a Select field, where the user chooses a feedback topic from a predefined list. Click add element and add a title to the field. We need to define the list of topic options.


6.Finally, we will be making the text area where the user will input his feedback.


7.We are going to make every field required to submit the the feedback and then press Save elements.


Any webform can be edited using the Build button. Any webform element can be edited/deleted using the edit button.

8.As the last step, we are going to make the form available at the URL '/feedback'. Press the settings button and complete the *Webform URL alias * field and then save.


The form is now finished.


Webform submissions

Webform submissions can be accessed at Manage Bioland >> Manage webforms by clicking the submissions button next to the form. Click on any submission to view it in detail.