System roles refer to those roles which are allowed to log-in into the system and access certain website functionalities such as managing content, adding items to the home-page, modifying the menus etc.

The following list contains the basic permissions a role must have in order to access to the administrative interface (grey theme):

  • Use the administration pages and help
  • View the administration theme
  • Use the administration toolbar
  • View Bioland element in the toolbar
  • Access the Content overview page
  • Access the Files overview page
  • Content: View published content
  • Access tours

Content manager

This role should be assigned to a person managing content (create, edit or delete content, link content to menu etc.). A person with this role can do the following actions within the website:

  • Create and manipulate content:

Create, edit and delete any of the following type of content:

  • Basic page
  • Document
  • Ecosystem
  • Event
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • Landing page
  • National Target
  • News
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Project
  • Protected area
  • Species
  • Video
  • Web page
  • Webform
  • Website

Technical note: actual Drupal permissions: *: Create new content, *: Delete any content, *: Edit any content, Use the Full HTML text format, Use contextual links, View own unpublished content, Content Landing page: Administer Panelizer Content, Content Landing page: Administer Panelizer Layout, Content Landing page: Administer Panelizer Revert to default, Use panel locks, Use the Panels In-Place Editor with Page Manager, View administrative links on Panel panes, Access panels in-place editing

Note: This role does not have permission to view or manipulate content revisions

  • Translate content:

Translate any content from the website shown to anonymous users (pages, documents etc.)

Technical note: actual Drupal permissions: Translate configuration, Create translations, Delete translations, Edit translations, Translate any entity, Translate interface text

  • Configure home page content:

Manipulate home page content such as slideshow, latest news displays.

Technical note: actual Drupal permissions: Manipulate queues - Access the entityqueues list, Manipulate Latest updates queue, Manipulate Slideshow queue

  • Modify website's menus and menu structure:

Manipulate items from the menus.

Technical note: actual Drupal permissions: Use menu link attributes, Administer menus and menu items

  • Create web forms for registrations and data collection:

Web forms are advanced forms which allows collecting data from public users such as meeting registration participants etc.

Technical note: actual Drupal permissions: Access the webform overview page, Access webform submission log, Administer webform element access, Administer webform submissions, Administer webforms, Create webforms, Delete any webform, Edit CSS/JS webform assets, Edit any webform, View any webform submission, View webform submissions for any node

  • CAPTCHA: For simplicity, on website forms where CAPTCHA is present for anonymous users, these authenticated users do not have CAPTCHA shown.

Technical note: actual Drupal permissions: Skip CAPTCHA

Site manager

This role has all permissions of a Content manager above, plus the following extra permissions:

  • CAPTCHA: Administer CAPTCHA settings - Can manage CAPTCHA settings for public forms

  • Content: Webform - Deleting any webform submission

  • Content: Webform node - Delete webform submissions for any node

  • Content: Webform node - Edit webform submissions for any node

  • Site configuration: Administer shield module - password protect his website with Basic Authentication

  • Site configuration: Create and edit URL aliases

  • Site configuration:Administer individual URL redirections - Allow to manage redirects, useful when migrating old websites to the new platform and keep the old URLs in place.

  • Site configuration:Administer responsive favicons

  • Site structure: Administer blocks - Add/Edit/Remove/Translate blocks of content within the website

  • Content: Manipulate revisions for: Basic page, Document, Ecosystem, Event, FAQ, Gallery, Landing page, National Target, News, Organization, Person, Project, Protected area, Species, Video, Web page, Webform, Website

  • View user information - Click on an user and see its profile (name, email etc.)

- Administer site configuration - gives too much permissions to the Site manager we need to alter this to allow access only to certain screens such as "Site configuration" (/admin/config/system/site-information)
* Taxonomy permissions - Drupal 8.5.x will introduce permission to create taxonomy terms, postponed, see #107